Weekend Rides

I spent a fair bit of time biking as well as working on the bikes this weekend so I have a few things to report, including a new addition to the stable, but more on that later… First off I saw this very Rakish Ride parked in downtown Minneapolis on Friday afternoon. It appears to […]

The #1 biking city in America – Minneapolis

My home town of Minneapolis is about as close to a cyclists paradise as one could find in a major US metro area. Mainly because you can get just about anywhere in the city on dedicated bike paths and boulevards and when you do have to share the road, car traffic respects the cyclists right […]

Stepping Up

So last night my partner Beth caught me perusing Craigslist based on my current obsession with Chevy Trucks. I was going back and forth between looking at newer 2500HD’s that would be suited to towing my race trailer, and older 60’s and 70’s C10’s and C20’s which I just think are super cool. Her comment […]