Made in America – An Evening with Sky Yeager of Shinola

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending an event here in Minneapolis  where bike designer Sky Yeager spoke about her company Shinola and their design philosophy. With Thanks to Leah McMullen I was also invited to dine with Sky and a few other friends of Shinola like the makers of my favorite espresso at […]

The Rakish Ride Hierarchy of Travel Theory

In our first week of having it the Xtracycle has been used on at least 4 journeys that would have otherwise required a car. While we may have only saved a few gallons of gas and a tiny amount of greenhouse gasses so far the benefits go well beyond this. I felt awesome yesterday when […]

Stepping Up

So last night my partner Beth caught me perusing Craigslist based on my current obsession with Chevy Trucks. I was going back and forth between looking at newer 2500HD’s that would be suited to towing my race trailer, and older 60’s and 70’s C10’s and C20’s which I just think are super cool. Her comment […]


As I was researching my latest acquisition I came across a blog post that described this particular vehicle ( A 70’s Raleigh Tourist DL-1 bicycle) as “rakish”  and I was struck by the fact that this unique term could be used describe virtually every vehicle that appeals to me. So what is a Rakish Ride? […]