Practicality in Germany

Fully loaded and highly visible Biking setup in Duisberg Germany Take a moment to appreciate the amount of luggage capacity this woman has on her vintage mixte bike. There are two large rear panniers, two large baskets, one mounted to the rear rack and one slightly harder to see one on the front, and there [...]

The Rakish Rider Skill Set – Part 1 – The Essentials

Having been a cyclist pretty much all of my life I thought my own skill set was pretty complete, but alas there are some skills that are hallmarks of the Amsterdam cyclist but really don't show up much if at all in other places. In no particular order, they are; Look closely, a family of [...]

My bike collection – a higher calling.

Original 1960's Peugeot racing bike. With some holiday down time I decided to take a trip out to my friends farm where I have some of my bike collection stored. When I moved to Amsterdam a few months back, I had some time and space constraints so some of my bikes remained here in Minneapolis. [...]

Rue de Rakish

This morning I had a chance to walk down what has become one of my favorite boulevards in Paris, the Rue de Lyon. This street has a high concentration of bike, scooter, motorcycle and camera it is my kind of place. I also love admiring the Parisian talent for great storefronts and window displays. [...]

Bike Culture – Vs. a Culture of Biking

  Since my arrival in Amsterdam a few months ago I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of other European cities and experience how biking plays a role in urban life across various parts of Europe. On my travels I make a point to try and experience bike culture as a local would. I [...]

Amsterdam in January

I’ve always liked to imagine myself as a pretty bad ass cyclist, seeing how I’ve commuted through Minnesota winters and done 100 mile races and that sort of thing…and while I love the Dutch and their cycling culture I can’t say I ever thought of them as the hard men and women of commuting…until I [...]

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