What the Hell is Rakish?

The actual definition of the word “RAKISH” is — Having or displaying a dashing, jaunty, or slightly disreputable quality or appearance.  Trim and fast-looking, with streamlined angles and curves.

1970’s Campagnolo Rally Derailleur

If Rakish were a person it might be some sort of combination of Sean Connery as James Bond in the ’60s and Tom Waits in the ’90’s.  But, in relation to cycling it means more than just jaunty or streamlined. As a bicycle, it’s that one you found at a garage sale but, then customized with a bunch of parts you stripped off another other classic bike, or vintage Campy parts you bought on eBay not knowing what you would use them for.

To us, Rakish is more than just the bike.  It’s that feeling you get when sitting astride “mans most noble invention”, whether it be with your kid to his football practice, alone on a country road, or while bombing single track in the Rockies with your mates. . . cycling is awesome.

We, here at Rakish Ride, cycle.  Yes, we love cycling.

We cycle to work, to the grocery store, and to simply see how far and how fast we can go.

We build Rakish Rides using classic and vintage bikes as our inspiration.

The Rakish Workshop

We compete in road, mountain, and cyclocross races; we cycle down every single tiny canal street in Amsterdam; and, we cycle to explore as much of Europe as possible.

Want to come along?


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