An advocates dilemma

For most of my adult life I have been both a cyclist and an activist, although I’ve only recently put the two together thanks to the new found inspiration from my amazing partner Beth. Not only does she inspire me but her natural wisdom somehow permeates my unusually thick skull even when I do my […]

Weekend Rides

I spent a fair bit of time biking as well as working on the bikes this weekend so I have a few things to report, including a new addition to the stable, but more on that later… First off I saw this very Rakish Ride parked in downtown Minneapolis on Friday afternoon. It appears to […]

Inspired in Denver

Today was an inspiring day for this rakish rider. I was in Denver this morning and after a little research decided to take a walk and check out Chocolate Spokes, which turned out to be a truly inspirational experience. The founder of Chocolate spokes is Gregory Crichlow, formerly an architect he became a bike shop […]

The Rakish Ride Hierarchy of Travel Theory

In our first week of having it the Xtracycle has been used on at least 4 journeys that would have otherwise required a car. While we may have only saved a few gallons of gas and a tiny amount of greenhouse gasses so far the benefits go well beyond this. I felt awesome yesterday when […]

The #1 biking city in America – Minneapolis

My home town of Minneapolis is about as close to a cyclists paradise as one could find in a major US metro area. Mainly because you can get just about anywhere in the city on dedicated bike paths and boulevards and when you do have to share the road, car traffic respects the cyclists right […]

Test ride complete, planning for the epic tour begins…

Today Beth and I rode 40 miles, which is her longest ride ever. She handled it with no problems and is almost as excited as I am about the epic European cycling trip we are planning. We’ll see how she feels tomorrow morning…there is talk of signing up for Spin classes. If all goes to […]

SUV, meet SUB – Xtracycle build complete

This labor day weekend I am celebrating the completion of a labor of love…specifically the conversion of my Trek 950 mountian bike, which I have owned since it was new in 1995, into a Xtracycle. It took me about a day to get the whole thing put together and another few hours on either side […]