95 Trek 950
95 Trek 950


So after sitting on the sidelines for the last few years as my enthusiasm for road biking has been growing I have pulled out my beloved 95 Trek 950, my first real performance mountain bike, to convert it into an Xtracycle.

I just don’t do much trail riding any more, and what I do can easily be handled by my all purpose All City Macho Man Cyclocross bike so the Trek was really just gathering dust. Then a few weeks back I stopped into Handsome Cycles where they were converting a She-Devil into an Xtracycle and I got the inspiration to build a Sport Utility Bike.

The 950 turns out to be a nearly perfect start for an Xtracycle build. It is super stout yet light with strong wheels and no stupid suspension parts.

So I ordered an Xtracycle from the Hub cycle co-op and pulled everything off the Trek to clean it up and do some touch up work on the paint where it was bubbling in a few places.

Yesterday I took the wheels over to Charlie’s Tangletown Cycle shop to be trued up and put the chain and other drivetrain bits in some kerosene to soak overnight. I’m hoping to have the Xtracycle kit here by early next week and finish the build up shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for more posts on my Sport Ute build….


IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1048

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