Stepping Up


So last night my partner Beth caught me perusing Craigslist based on my current obsession with Chevy Trucks. I was going back and forth between looking at newer 2500HD’s that would be suited to towing my race trailer, and older 60’s and 70’s C10’s and C20’s which I just think are super cool.

Her comment was something to the effect of, “you are always doing that, why don’t you do something with it“. Which reminded me again of why I started the rakish ride. I am obsessed with vehicles of all types. My obsession jumps around based on what my current state of mind is but in terms of “doing something with it” this is just one of the many ways I feed my addiction.

On any given evening or weekend you might find me working on or racing one of my E30 BMW’s with the or my 2002 Vintage race car with the North Loop Crew, participating in a local car show such as taking the Vespa to Wheels of Italy, loading the family in the Airstream or the Jag and going on a weekend road trip, hopping on the 95 Ducati SS (aka the Sausage Creature) for a little back road adventure, going human powered and getting on the Pinarello or the All CIty and riding the lakes and parkways of America’s number 1 biking city, or just maintaining things…which is something I always seem to be behind on.

In between all those things I do of course have a day job to fund my habit and a family to spend time with, luckily they join me for the races and car shows and bike rides and sometimes we actually do the stuff they wanna do...

But this blog is “doing something with it” in a different sort of way. Sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge, which I hesitate to call expertise because I am the classic “jack of all trades, master of none.” Having said that I do spend a lot of time researching, looking, test driving, checking values, maintaing and of course driving and riding vehicles of all types so relative to your average person, I guess I am an expert, if you define the term rather loosley. However I prefer to think of myself as an enthusiast, albeit one with a very diverse set of interests.

So, enjoy the Rakish ride and I’ll explain more about how it came about as I go on.

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