Amsterdam in January

I’ve always liked to imagine myself as a pretty bad ass cyclist, seeing how I’ve commuted through Minnesota winters and done 100 mile races and that sort of thing…and while I love the Dutch and their cycling culture I can’t say I ever thought of them as the hard men and women of commuting…until I [...]

December. Minnesota. Still Riding to Middle School.

It's so great that earlier this week there were this many bikes still at Lake Harriet Community School in Minneapolis. And these kids are embracing the "Rakish Middle School Rider" philosophy with their cool rims.  We'd like to meet the kids who will still be riding next week!

The Hardest Part is Gearing Up — A novice tries “winter biking” in Minneapolis

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday and, as is common with people nearly 50, I decided that I will spend the next 12 months getting in excellent shape. . . before I'm "old." Tom just wrote a three-part blog on winter biking for “avid bike commuters braving frigid temperatures” which gave me the fabulous idea to [...]

Winter Biking Part 3: Riding Tips

In this third winter riding post I will cover a few tips for cold weather and winter riding. Considering I live in Minneapolis these tips are mostly applicable to avid bike commuters braving frigid cold temperatures. If you are in a warmer climate you are lucky enough that some of this is probably overkill... The [...]

Winter Biking Part 2: Riding Gear

  In this second in a series of three posts on winter biking I'll talk about what sort of gear I use to stay comfortable on mid winter rides. When it comes to clothing the general advice I give those who are new to winter riding is don't skimp on quality but don't think you [...]

Winter Biking Advice from a Veteran – Part 1: The Bike

I've been biking year round since the late 80's in both Minnesota and London England so I have a lot of experience biking in cold (what many would consider extreme cold) weather as well as rain and snow.  Since this question comes up very frequently on forums I follow and some of my ideas run [...]

The All British Cycling Event

Yesterday Beth and I were out visiting bike shops and discussing our plans to open the Rakish Ride bike shop in Amsterdam when we stopped at the Town Hall Tap in Minneapolis for some lunch. As we walked up I noticed there were a number of very nice old British bikes parked out front. Low [...]

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