Photo Courtesy of Lifetime Fitness

In my last article, I announced my goal to “master” winter biking.  After a few weeks of procrastinating and then a week of drastic subzero temps, I decided that if I was going to work toward mastering anything, it was going to have to be done INSIDE.

Cut to my 17 year-old daughter saying “Take the AMP class with me at Lifetime, it will be funny.”  To which I responded, “Don’t you mean fun?”

Of course, she did not mean “fun” she darn well meant “funny” because seeing a Mom take that class would be hysterical to any perky, athletic 17 year-old.

In any case, I accepted her offer and we agreed to meet in the classroom at 11:45, fifteen minutes early as the Lifetime website suggested, in order to get our bikes adjusted, etc.  I arrived in typical mom fashion at 11:40, and this is what my daughter’s reserved bike still looked like by 11:59 . . .



Yep!  Completely empty.







At 11:59:50 she strolled in, adjusted her seat, hopped on the bike, put her hair in a pony tail with the hairband she had on her wrist, and placed her water bottle and phone in the racks.  She turned to me, smiled, and said “Hi Mom!” and then she took this selfie of us which she promptly Snapped or Insta’ed (or whatever) to her friends as evidence this was actually happening.





I am looking like someone might have offered me a million dollars to smile but, I just can’t muster a full one because I am pretty sure I’m about to die.  I think I was subconsciously hoping that if I tried really hard to raise my eyebrows the corners of my mouth might turn up. ???

We signed up to “Get addicted to this party on a bike” and I was not looking forward to it.  I had two simple goals for this class:  1) stay on the bike; and, 2) just keep pedaling the whole time.

The class was actually great!  Our teacher, Matt, made me feel super comfortable — comfortable enough to do about 5% of what I was actually supposed to be doing.  But, I was on a bike.  I was pedaling, and I was bound and determined not to stop for the entire hour.  The music was loud but, not too loud for this previously 90’s dance club going momma.

At this point I now realize that prior to attempting to master “winter biking” I should have mastered actual outdoor non-winter biking. Regardless . . . I’m doing this!  If my legs stop hurting by Friday, I’m going back.

Here’s to all of your wellness goals for 2018!

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