As a “chronicle of compelling conveyances” the Rakish Ride will from time to time offer reviews of bikes and related products of interest, in the hopes that a whole bunch of people will like, or at least respect, an honest and unbiased assessment of the various bike related products I have purchased and use.

As I am sure you can imagine at least one bonus outcome of such an endeavor is that companies will send me their gear to review, and then I will have more gear. But of course there is always the dilemma that free stuff gets better reviews right? So to counter the possibility of such a bias I will endeavor to donate all the gear I review to charities, send it back or pay for it, depending on what it is. Frankly I have a stockpile of stuff already awaiting review that I have purchased outright at full retail price and have been using for months if not longer so it will probably be quite some time before I get through all that to the freebies.

Eventually, if it all goes to plan I will have a bike shop and an on line shop (not sure which will come first to be honest) where you can buy the stuff I review. For now I will just link to sources I trust other than Amazon, who is the Wal Mart of the Internet as far as I am concerned. If you have gear you think I might be interested in reviewing you can contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of gear I own that I think merits a review. If you are considering the purchase of any of these pieces and want to see a review drop me a line and I will move your item up the queue. In no particular order, the items are:

Modern Bikes:

All City Macho Man

Handsome Devil

Pinarello FP Due

Xtra-cycle Cargo Bike Kit

Vintage Bikes

Bianchi Superleggera

Various 80’s Trek Road Bikes

90’s Trek MTB’s

Vintage Schwinn Cruisers

80’s Bridgestone 200 Mixte

Miyata 610 Touring


Swrve Blk Jacket

Giro New Road Rain Jacket

Giro New Road Shirts

Rapha Cycling Underwear

Giro and other Cycling Gloves

Cycling Shoes from Chrome, DZR, Pearl Izumi, SIDI and Addidas

Various Bike Accessories from Velo Orange, Rivendale, Dia-Compe and assorted others: see below;

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