-17 Fahrenheit

_MG_3514That was the temp today when I had a moment of clarity regarding cycling through the winter…this winter in particular being an example of just how dedicated one would need to commute via bike in MN through the entire year. Since my mate Michael Colville Anderson was waxing poetic about the virtues of his fellow Copenhagenites and the incredibly high percentages of cyclists who continue to commute through the winter on his blog I had to do some comparisons. The Danes were riding in weather that was -4C wind chill while the actual temperature in Minneapolis was -27C and the with the wind chill it was -45. Put another way, it was a million times more dangerously cold here than it has ever been in Copenhagen, including the last ice age.

Yet despite the crazy cold temps today was the very first day I have not seen a cyclist on the roads in Minneapolis. They don’t make gear suitable for cycling in -45C. So, while I am incredibly envious of the danes and living somewhere where 80% of the populating commutes through the winter…I think seeing just one cyclist on the road in Minneapolis this week will be a more epic and monumental event for the cause of cycle commuting…stay tuned.

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